Tried and True Recipe Books

If you are thinking of giving a recipe book for a Christmas gift then you should seriously consider the books on my favourite list. Each one is special to me and I depend on each one for different reasons.

Some of the recipe books have been around for years but the newest edition is Genius Recipes.  Each recipe has a story why it is the best. Not only great recipes but a great read.

Lucy Waverman’s book has my favourite Goat Cheese Gratin recipe among many others.

Best of Bridge pretty much is what it says.  Take you pick of what Slower Cooker recipe you like and it will turn out.

For those that have been following ULYZA this fall you know Yum and Yummer is a super big favourite of mine.  I have tried at least 9 recipes and all were exactly what they promised to be.

I know not everyone likes Martha but you can’t take away that she knows her stuff. Cooking at Home will not let you down.  This recipe book is definitely a staple for me.  Great if you are cooking for two.

Also, a heads up that I think I have the an affiliate link embedded in the pictures so I will receive a very small commission from Amazon.



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