15 Tips- How to Find Work/Life Balance

Work/Life Balance can Exist- these tips will help you find it.

31 January 2018

15 Tips- How to Find Work/Life Balance

Last week I was writing a post for Fortura, my marketing company’s site. The post was written more for entrepreneurs and working women but, it really is for all women.  We all are searching for balance.
But what is Balance?
How can we attain it?
15 Tips- How to Find Work/Life Balance came out of that post.  This is my story on how I decided they were good solid tips.

I think the most important part of Work/Balance is sorting out what that looks like to you.  It is different for everyone. The next important thing is understanding the Work/Balance will not be defined by others and their beliefs.

A great example is when I attended a business event and one of the guest speakers was a women who is on television on two shows, has a blog and wear’s many other hats.  Her morning starts when most of us are thinking about getting out of bed and her work ends when most of us are going to bed.  Does that sound like she has balance??? She stated  ” I have balance but not how you think”.  I can’t explain it as well as she did but her message was that her life is the way she wants it and enjoys it.  She would not have balance if she lived her life any other way.

On a personal level it was a haw haw moment for me.  Many perceive that  I don’t have balance and I sometimes think I don’t have balance.  But I do have balance;  FOR ME!  Yes, I work long hours and I have a few things going at the same time because of my multipassions but I would not have it any other way.  I have found work/life balance.

With this new found vision, I wondered if there could be some basic tips to find balance.  So. I started writing down tips and voila -15 Tips on How to Find Work/Life Balance.
Here is what I determined are factors that could be considered when searching for balance.

Can you find Work Life Balance

15 Tips- How to Find Work/Life Balance

  1. BELIEVE you can have BALANCE!
  2. Give yourself permission to say you like your life and have balance even if you go to bed exhausted.
  3. List what is important to you.
  4. Ok this term is really over used, but it is right to include it on this list; “LIVE IN THE MOMENT
  5. Think long term too so you know there is a end goal.
  6. Don’t be afraid to change.
  7. Remain open to suggestions.
  8. Reach out to people you respect for advice.
  9. Do due diligence before making any changes. ( the grass is not always greener on the other side)
  10. If you don’t like part of your life, then recognize the part you don’t like instead of blaming everything. ( When you are tired then everything can look bad)
  11. If you are not happy with work; then your work/life balance will be way off. See if there are elements of your job that you like and focus on that area. Or take a big step and change.
  12. Find an employer that respects your efforts and has a culture that reflects your beliefs.
  13. Understand you do not have to be a helicopter parent or help your parents every moment of the day in ordinary circumstances.
  14. VISUALIZE the end result and how you are going to be happy.
  15. Do NOT COMPARE yourself to others. They may have found balance but not how you may find balance. Your balance can look totally different.

Please add or delete what you think will help you find your Life/Work Balance.  Also, please share as you might be able to help another person.

My first post was Share One Thing you Learned that can make you Happier!  It was the first topic I wanted to write about so I guess finding happiness and life /work balance is never far from my thoughts. Hope you enjoy reading this post!





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