10 Kitchen Vignette Themes – so your counter will not look cluttered

Three is a perfect number of items in a Vignette

16 January 2018

10 Kitchen Vignette Themes – so your counter will not look cluttered

This is crazy but I am a fanatic about vignettes in the house.
I think it goes back to my love of doing store displays. Ok, I will confess that it is really a kitchen vignette that really I’m into lately.

I am not sure when this fascination started.  Maybe it started in my Mom’s home where she had three canisters on the counters. Some of us would remember ones that looked like this.

Duck canisters


When I worked at Sears I thought I would get sick if I had to put any more duck motif items in the catalogue.  We just couldn’t kill the duck motif.   The scary thing is I think there might be a time in my life when they will come back.  ( Everything comes back!!! )

After all there are only so many cute animals that work in the kitchen.  Owls come to mind.  Of course we could start the vegetable motifs again.  Surely everyone still likes Mushrooms .  Ok, I will stop poking fun about kitchen canisters.  In fact there are some available now that really are beautiful.

new Canisters

Canisters are made of so many materials; glass, metal, pottery, plastic so there are lots of choices. So, there is a canister for every decor style.

My point is that canisters might have been the first version of a kitchen vignette.  Fortunately, we have come a long way from that era.


When I did store displays there were some rules/guidelines that we started with like;

1. Keep like items together
2. Use a colour theme
3. Hhigher items would be placed at the back and use different scale items
4. There should be a basic theme
5. Odd numbers are generally better
6. Layer objects

Those same guidelines can be used for kitchen vignettes too.
When you walk into a kitchen that has vignettes it makes it feel like home and you instantly feel welcomed.  You think….wow, someone lives here and uses their kitchen.  ( Now that may NOT be entirely true because they may eat out all the time)
But, that is not what is important!  What is important is the perception.

When we moved to our smaller home my storage space was reduced by more than half.  Beside the Kitchen Aid mixer weighs a ton and who wants to cart that big heavy thing from a storage space.

Once you start putting stuff on the counter it can get messy and cluttered looking very quickly.  The secret ( don’t tell everyone!) is creating vignettes.  Vignettes generally have three or five things that are linked together.

Here is great example of a kitchen vignette from Alice Lane Home.  Notice the three cutting boards at the back of the stove and the three pieces on the island.  See “THREE” is the magic number.  (  you can also buy some of the accent pieces from Alice Lane Home if interested.

Alice Lane Home

Create a theme and it will pull things together.
Check your cabinets because you will likely have pieces that work together.

Here are 10 Kitchen Vignette Themes and suggestions on pieces that will work together.

1.Toaster theme: cutting board with butter dish and butter knife and tea towel ( works near the toaster)
2.Coffee Theme:  coffee maker with coffee cups and sugar dish
3.Fruit Theme: Bowl of fruit with flowers and small water jug.  (use complimentary colours for flowers and fruit)
4.Herb Theme: Three different Herbs in 4″ pots placed in a basket
5. Vegetable Theme:  A large wooden bowl with three or five types of vegetables. Don’t mix the vegetables up.  Keep like vegetables together in groupings.
6.Cutting Board theme: take three interesting cutting boards and lean them against the back splash.
7.Cleaning Hands theme: hand lotion bottle, Hand cleaning liquid and cloth neatly folded for drying hands.
8.Flower theme:  three different size of flowers in a basket. Or in the example below two florals with candle sticks.  Notice how the candle sticks are together and not separated.  ( Like items stick together particularly when they are smaller in size.


9. Baking Theme – Mixer, measuring spoons and flour canister.
10. Duck Theme- just kidding!!! But if you have a favorite motif that you like then pull the pieces together. Only 3 or 5 pieces allowed even if you have 25 pieces.

There is a great blog that you should check out.

Spring Vignette

Click on the picture to check out more Vignette ideas. STONE GABLE BLOG  is amazing!  But get prepared to look for a couple of hours!!!

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