10 Cheer Up Ideas, Take 15 minutes of ME Time!

When Stuck in the House because the weather is lousy!

08 January 2018

10 Cheer Up Ideas, Take 15 minutes of ME Time!

10 Cheer Up Ideas, When Stuck in the House

Today it is super cold and stormy. The furnace is permanently on and the house seems empty without all the Christmas decorations.  It is dark outside and the doggy is curled up sleeping on her bed.  Kind of what I feel like doing too. You know those days. So, I came up with 10 Cheer Up Ideas.

There is no way I am going outside for anything. (except to walk the dog) So, rather than complaining about the weather and not being productive I came up with some ways to cheer me up.   Ok, I still have to work and life goes on but I can take a 15 minute break and have some fun!

So Here Are 10 Cheer Up Ideas.  Pick ONE and it will change your life. ( well at least for 15 minutes)

1. Put on some groovy music. Yes, I said groovy and it is not the 70’s but any kind of music that is upbeat will work. (no commercials allowed)  (do dance!!!)  ( turn it up loud)
Click here to get in the groove.

2. Light a candle that has an invigorating scent to it. Candles can enhance your mood.

Here is an article on 6 candle scents that can get your motor started.

3. Stretch.… reach high to the ceiling and as low as you can get ( without pulling a muscle).

Click here for 15 Stretches that will do the trick.  

4. Call a friend that you can count on is in always in a good mood. No Downers allowed! (However should you find your friend out of sorts then  cheer them up).  Not everyone can be happy all the time!!

5. Sing,
no one can hear you and so what if they can.

Click here to sing with Kelly Clarkson and James Corden.  The words come up on the bottom of the screen in case you don’t know the words.


10 Cheer Up Ideas, When Stuck in the House


6. Go on the web and look up funny/inspiring/interesting things on You Tube.  ( remember only 15 minutes and no longer or the day can be lost)

Click here to see what The Verge recommends as the Top 10 You Tube videos of the Year.

7. Get a cup of tea, coffee or whatever is your favorite drink and savor the moment with each sip. Take your time and don’t multi task.

8. Take a warm bath or a super indulgent long shower. ( if you have a facial mask in the house you could do that too.)

9. Be in the moment and smile.

10. Make a list of what you are thankful for.  We all have many things to be thankful for and sometimes the bad stuff makes it a little cloudy.  Get rid of that cloud.

10 Cheer Up Ideas

10 Cheer Up Ideas


Don’t turn on the TV, News , Radio Station.  Let yourself have 15 minutes of ME time and take one of the 10 Cheer Up Ideas to make you a little happier!!

Please share if there is something that helps cheer you up!!

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