Decorating a Tree- 5 Tips to make it Fun and Safe!

Follow 5 Tips and have a Safe and Beautiful Christmas Tree

15 December 2017

Decorating a Tree- 5 Tips to make it Fun and Safe!

Decorating a Tree Should be Fun!

One of my favorite things to do is Decorating a Tree and here is 5 Tips to make it fun. My Grandmother had the most amazing Christmas trees.   I recall thinking they looked so magical. This must of really stuck with me because since my girls were wee I gave them Christmas Tree Decorations for gifts.

I was lucky to travel a lot for work so I purchased decorations around the world.  There seems to be a Christmas Store open all year around in the most unlikely places.  Who Knew!!!  So, you know I would never remember what ornaments belonged to who???  To prevent this problem I bought white/cream/ crystal ones for one and all brights for the other.  Lucky for me that is there preference still today.

Last year a daughter admitted that her tree tipped over when they were sleeping. The tree was real but I have had close encounters with artificial trees not standing up correctly because the floor was not level.

Decorating a Tree- 5 Tips- make sure it is not going to fall over

Decorating a Tree- 5 Tips- make sure it is not going to fall over.                                This is the tree that fell over.  It looks like it should have been ok?

TIP #1

Make sure the stand is super sturdy and the tree is not leaning.  You do not want to have to fix it after you have started decorating it.
I know this sounds so obvious but I will share that this has happened to even seasoned tree decorators. Once the tree is in the stand then walk back and take another look at it to see if it leans. Give it a little shake to see if it wavers.  Our tree has four parts and all it takes is one part  not put in exactly right.

Also, last year I had the honour of helping one of my daughter’s decorate her first very own Christmas tree.   It was so exciting decorating a tree with her.  We warned her husband to be careful ( first time for him to decorate a tree) and not to fall into the tree when reaching on to the top.  You guessed it.  He almost fell in the tree. It was a close call.  I think most of us have done that at one time or another.

TIP # 2
Get a solid stool or chair when you are putting ornaments near the top. Put the top piece on first so you won’t fall into the tree that is already has very breakable ornaments on it.

Decorating a Tree- 5 Tips- make sure its is straight before decorating

Decorating a Tree- 5 Tips- make sure you use a stool or ladder to reach the tip easily.

This year I helped another daughter with decorating a tree.   Her tree is real and of course doesn’t have pre-strung lights. We pulled the lights out of the bin and they were totally wrapped around themselves.  You may think my next tip would be how to store lights but it isn’t.

TIP #3
Untangle your string of lights and check to make sure all the sets are working before putting them on the tree.  When putting lights on a tree always start with the  set that is plugged in.  This way you know where the plug is and it is on the right end. ( sounds simple enough). Then start putting the lights on the tree.  Start close to where the plug is .

Most people string lights around and around.  This is not the best idea. If you don’t already, take the string and reach back and forward to line each branch  gradually working sideways and work up.  It is important to have the lights reach to the back as much as the front. ( this problem is completely solved it you have an artificial tree that has lights on it.) There is a post from a few weeks back on tips when buying an artificial tree that sheds light on the situation.  ( Sorry I couldn’t help myself.)

Decorating a Tree- 5 Tips - sting light from back to front of each branch

Decorating a Tree- 5 Tips – string lights from back to front of each branch

TIP #4

Before you put ornaments on you should add the other garnishes to the tree.  ( no I am not talking about mustard and relish) More like ribbon, beads, bows. Some maybe so industrious to add their own strung pop corn.   This is the time to do this not when the balls are on the tree.  The key is remember the ornaments go on last when decorating a tree.


Pull out your biggest tree ornaments first. Look for the biggest holes in the tree. Then place the big ornaments in those areas.  This way you won’t see the big holes after you are done and then have to start moving decorations around to cover up the bald spots.  This will save time.  Generally the smallest decorations go near the top because they will hang better.  Use ornament wire that can be easily bent so you can shorten the wire so the ornaments can hang rather than sit on the branches. I like using birds that have clips to fill in some of the holes near the top.

Decorating a Tree - 5 Tips- hang large ornaments first

Decorating a Tree – 5 Tips- hang large ornaments first


Plug the lights in a timer.  No one wants to go to bed and then ask…did I turn the lights off???  If the plug is hard to reach a timer solves that problem too.  You do not want to have to reach around a fully decorated tree particularly if you are in the festive mood.  If you get what I mean???


I hope these little tips for Decorating a Tree will help you enjoy decorating your tree!! Have fun, enjoy and stand back and see a straight tree that will not fall on anyone. Be safe!


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2 responses to “Decorating a Tree- 5 Tips to make it Fun and Safe!”

  1. Lynn Godden says:
    I appreciate your tip on making sure that the tree is straight before you decorate it. A few years ago when all 6 of the grand kids were home, they decorated the tree. When it was all decorated I noticed that the tree was a little crooked so I mentioned it to hubby, and hubby having consumed a few rum, quickly stood up while mouthing the words "no problem" proceeded to whip the tree around in a circular motion. You guessed it, balls few all over the place and when it struck all of us in the room just what had happen, peels of laughter resounded around the room. Not sure if this laughter was caused by his actions or the looks on the grand kids faces. It was a\ tree decorating experience that memories are made of, Merry Christmas to all
  2. predmond2017 says:
    So, Funny!!! One of our fondest memories is when the Christmas tree fell on my Dad while he was sleeping. You guessed it!! He didn't wake up.

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