My 5 Favourite Books That Changed My Life

No, They are not Self Help Books

16 November 2017

My 5 Favourite Books That Changed My Life

Ok, I feel badly because you probably think my 5 favourite books that changed my life must be self help books but this is not the case. My favourite books that changed my life happen to be fiction.

Books have special meaning to all of us and they sometimes propel us to think in different ways. Some love history books and can quote what historians have said in the past. Some can’t part with their favourite magazines.  ( my husband loves his golf magazines, which I don’t understand!!  I would totally understand if they were decorating books!)

My 5 favourite  books that changed my life were instrumental in my path to looking at the world in a different way. I will always keep these books.   When we downsized three years ago I didn’t have room in our new town house so I stored all my books in an outside storage unit with controlled temperature, for over two years. It cost $150.00 a month for storage fees times 24 months, totaling to $ 3,600.00.  I know, that is ridiculous.  But, this is an indication how much I love my books.

I am wondering how many other people have considered books that they have read that made a difference to them. Anyway, here is why each book is significant to me.

Number 1: Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

If you have not read this book then it is a travesty.  I think I was in shock that this book was a love story! It was not only about a really scary monster after all.  The tale was so romantic  and yes it had the other science part . You know the part about a science student trying to pull parts from other humans and putting them together but, there were so many other questions. Questions like, what does it mean to be a human and how far can we fiddle with nature.  There is tons written about this book that Mary Shelley started writing when she was only 18.  Everyone must read this book.  It has no past due date similar to that of Margaret Atwood’s, Handmaid’s Tale.  Something written years ago but still thought provoking in today’s society.

My 5 Favourite Books that Changed my Life - Frankenstein

Number 2: Bonfire of the Vanities- Tom Wolfe

This was probably my very first best sellers fiction book that I read.  I was in my mid twenties and obviously lived a sheltered life as this book shocked me how other people live. My life was calm and not full of drama ( happy about that!) and this book was scandalous, full of deceitfulness, greed and a handsome gorgeous ambitious tyrant.
I could not let go of this book until I finished it and then I read it again a few years later.  I wondered if after I had matured ,would I think of it so fondly.  The answer of course is yes.  To me it opened a world that I did not know existed. This could be true of some that read serial books like Nancy Drew as a child.  However, Nancy Drew was a little too clean cut to astound me. But this was more of a profound experience.  Give it a try and let me know what you think?

My 5 Favourite Books that Changed my Life-Bonfire of Vanities


Number 3: The Man from St. Petersburg- Ken Follet

This is not one of the most famous books of Ken Follet. Ones you may have heard of is his epic trilogy , Fall of Giants, Winter World and Edge of Eternity.  The trilogy was amazing but The  Man from St. Petersburg remains on the list of my 5 Favourite books that changed my life. The story line took place before World War 1. I won’t get into the story line as there is a good write up on wikipedia. How this changed my life was due to the story line taking a fictional character and immersing the character in a spot of true life history.
The history in the book was real but the character and what he did was fictional. How could the real world collide with a fictional character?  Did the character really exist?
I loved how Ken Follet because he made me wonder if this could really have happened because some parts were historically accurate.  Now many writers have done the same ,but this was my first one where true historical moments were part of the story.  Wonderfully written!

My 5 Favourite Books That Changed My Life - The Man from St. Petersburg

Number 4- Noble House- James Clavel

I must say that I can’t remember all the characters in this book because there were so many!  This is one of my 5 favourite books that changed my life mainly because the book and the story line was so massive. It was not  a weekend read and by the time you finished it you didn’t want to leave that world. I felt like I had been immersed in this fictional world and I was part of it. I didn’t want it to end!
Nobel House is the fourth book in a series . The series started with ShoGun, followed by Tai-Pan , King Rat and then Nobel House.   I didn’t read the other books until later. Whirlwind is another book that followed Nobel House which was part of the series. I loved this series and it was like living in another world and time.

My 5 Favourite Books that changed my Life- Nobel House

Number 5 – Anything by Tom Clancy

There are so many books written by Tom Clancy and they are all my favourites.  I could not possibly pick out which was my absolute favourite as each one was intriguing. Make sure you read the books that were really written by Tom Clancy. There is a relatively new one that is a Tom Clancy novel but written by Grant Blackwood.  It is good but the original Tom Clancy books are wonderful.  The novels are rather manly but I think that is why I like them.  They gave me a man’s perspective and there was no doubt a man wrote the book.  I will leave that topic to get into more for another day.

My 5 Favourite Books that changed My Life- Tom Clancy

Let me know what fiction books have changed your life and how they impacted what you read today?? Leave Comments below please!

I will be sure to read them and let you know what I thought.

I have added an affiliate link in case you want to purchase any of these books to keep in your collection.

Since the books were written a few years back they are offered in paperback at great prices.



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