Why Console Tables are Essential for any Decor Style

3 Tips to Consider when Buying

08 November 2017

Why Console Tables are Essential for any Decor Style

Why am I so fixated on console tables you ask???

I was looking around the house the other day and it occurred to me that after 5 moves there is only a couple of pieces of furniture that has made all the moves. Of course the console table is one of the pieces.

I can safely say that a console table probably would work in most homes. Why?  They are so functional and can be placed in many rooms and still work. The console table we bought for the first home is still around because I can always find a spot for it.

The only other piece of furniture that has moved with us 5 times is the dining room set.  ( However, it might be on its way out.) In our first home the console table was in a open space leading into the dining room. In the second home it was in the living room, third house I think it was the living room. In the fourth house it found a home in the  basement in a area near the stairs. Still a prominent position.

However, in our current home it has had many lives.  So far it has been in the foyer, then the hall way and now in the living room.  It could end back in the hallway for the holiday season because I use it as a bar/serving area.   Of all the pieces of furniture we have purchased the console table is by far the most useful.

Console Tables are a Versatile- in a Hallway

Console Tables are a Versatile- in a Hallway This is the console table that has made 5 moves.

Don’t think you need a big home to have a console table! My youngest daughter had a small console table in her first apartment and used it as a desk. Then in her 600 sq ft apartment had it in the entrance way . Now that console table can be found in her sister’s small entrance way.  See, console tables are super versatile!

My favourite spot for a console table is the entrance way because it is a great place to put keys and the mail when you first come in. I just noticed that my desk top computer sits on console table.  I needed a table super narrow table to fit the space in  our kitchen and that is what worked.  Maybe I am console table obsessed??

In our other homes we had fireplace mantels where I liked making vignettes.  The console table can fulfill the need to create vignettes. Nothing gets me more excited than seeing a small table in an entrance way with a lamp or candle on it.

So if you didn’t have a console table then you certainly should consider it.


Why Console Tables are a Good Idea – 1st Tip to Consider


The starting point is figuring out the DEPTH of the console that you might use for the rest of your life. OK that is stretching it!!

However, DEPTH is critical. A console table is generally not very deep. You don’t want it to impose in the room.   The deepest should be around 15″ or else it may not fit in a lot of spaces. If you have a small apartment/condo or small entrance then look for something with a 12″ depth. This will fit in small spaces.
If you think you may use a console table for a bigger entrance or behind a couch then it could be around 57 inches in length and a little deeper.  Most couches are over 85″ so it will give you some room on each side but the scale will still work. Love seats are around 73″ long so a 44′ console table will look great behind it.


Why Console Tables are a Good Idea – 2nd Tip to Consider

Legs are a big part of a console. The top of the console is important but it is the legs that you are going to mostly see and drive the height. The height of a console is normally around 25 – 28 inches high.  A few reasons for this is because of its general usage.  If it is placed behind a couch them you don’t want it higher than the back of the couch.  If it is used in a foyer then it should not fight with the  a big mirror or art.  Plus, you may want to add lamps on it and you don’t want the lamps to be sky high.


Why Console Tables are a Good Idea – 3rd Tip to Consider

You will need to determine the Decor Style your want and then the type of  legs and finishing will determine which is right for you. Ultimately if you can find something really transitional that might work best. Particularly if you are spending a lot of money and you want it to be around for a while.

This is a hard one to explain simply. So here are some basic rules. ( By the way I think rules in decorating are made to be broken but when you start out it is easier to follow basic rules)
Really straight legs might indicate it will work well in a urban/contemporary home.
If it has fancy detailed legs then probably it would go better in a traditional or country home.  I sometimes lean towards wood because it can always be painted to bring it into a traditional or country feel home. Painting a console table black can quickly add some drama.

Two Other Things to Consider-  because I can’t stop writing about console tables

If you can find a console table with  drawers then that is a bonus.  Many do not have a drawer but it can be handy to store keys and other stuff that would normally land on top of the console.

Also, you can use the space under the console for storage. Baskets underneath can store mittens and scarves, shoes, toys, dog leashes, boots, bicycle helmets….  you get it …. pretty much anything you need a place to store something.  I prefer consoles that have a shelf on the bottom so the storage baskets don’t have to sit on the floor. Watch for console tales that have a metal or wood bar on the bottom that goes across in the centre because nothing will sit properly on it. It sort of becomes unusable space. This may not be important for when you have more space but in a apartment every inch is precious.

Below are some of my favourite console tables in different decor styles. Click on the pictures for more details.


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