Fall Door Decor Is Easy As 1-2-3-4 : Tips on how you can do it!!

So easy to make your home look inviting

23 October 2017

Fall Door Decor Is Easy As 1-2-3-4 : Tips on how you can do it!!

Is your front door looking kind of sad?  Are your summer flowers getting spindly and are you getting tired of  watering them?  Me too!!   I had about an hour of few weeks ago and decided to make my front door look a little bit more inviting and needed some fall door decor.  Then a week or so later I felt my daughter’s front porch needed to be spruced up.  So this is why I decided to post a little write up on Fall Decor Is Easy as 1-2-3-4, because it is just that.

My husband reminded me that normally people relate to things that are only up to three. You can do three things  or even one thing.  Do what you can.  Don’t feel guilty because you only had time or money to do one thing. For that matter don’t feel guilty if you don’t have time to do any of these suggestions!

I love looking at all the beautiful country home porches on Pinterest but the fact is that I live in a condo town house and my daughter lives down town in a row house.  So, does it matter??  NO!  Work with what you have and enjoy it. Even if you live in a rental apartment you can make the door/entrance look inviting.

So finally here are my Fall Decor is Easy tips!

Pick a colour theme that you like.   I  like a white look for my place but felt a orange  would work better for my daughters home because of the brick coloring. Plus, using orange as a theme colour makes it really easy to integrate  Halloween decorations.   Fall wreaths don’t have to look country. A plain wheat wreath is beautiful for a more clean look and suites most contemporary tastes.
How to Hang? There are rules in some condos that you cannot put a nail in the door or you may not want to do that if you have a metal door. The peel and stick hooks are great for these occasions. Try to match the colour of your door.  The other alternative is the metal holder that loops over the top of your door.  These are great if you wreath is super heavy.

Fall Entrance Decor - wreath

I love coco mats because they are generally not too pricey. There are all kinds of mats that can really express who you are and little sayings. My mats are completely exposed to the elements so they don’t last more than a season but I do try to pick out ones that will transfer nicely from one season to the next. Mats are not always the easiest to find in the fall but they do start showing up again with Xmas motifs in October. It might be better to buy a mat that is not event driven so you can use it for the Christmas Season too.

Fall Door Decor - R coco mat

Fortunately Mums can be purchased pretty much every where and they are not expensive.  Plus, they come in so many colours and sizes.  Think about your colour theme and then determine the colour that  would work. Don’t worry if you don’t have pot to put them in.  This is time you can really get away with using the plastic pots they come in.  If you do have planters then you can just drop them right in the planter.  ( Remember they like being watered!)


Fall Door Decor- pumpkins and mums

Find your favorite pumpkins. This can be the fun part and easy to add on to up the level of fall door decor.  I still get excited when I see the big pumpkins!  One pumpkin is generally not enough.  Get all kinds if different sizes to add interest.

Fall Door Decor- 4 tips

Full  view if door following step 1-2-3-4


The concrete planters are probably around 50 years old and I have painted them so many times that I have lost count.
The gargoyle is also years old and has lost part of its nose.  But I think that is what gives home character.

Here are some shots of my daughters porch. The red brick and old brown screen door made it easy to determine an orange  colour should be used for this fall door decor theme.

Fall Door Decor- orange maple leaf wreath

Fall Door Decor - all four elements together

Fall Door Decor – all four steps together

After you have done the Fall Door decor it is easy to add a couple of things to get ready for Halloween

As you know I have a love for pumpkins so you may want to see how I made a pumpkin into a vase.

For my daughters home most items came from Home Depot and the cushions were from Home Sense.

Fall Wreath from Home Depot is under $25.00. Really great value!!
Coir Mat  from Home Depot is similar to one in picture but is more heavy duty. Also, the Ghost Stand is from Home Depot as well!






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