Pretty in Pink- Pink is Every Where!

Great gift ideas for girlies that like pink!

07 October 2017

Pretty in Pink- Pink is Every Where!

As you all know I love to shop and the other day I was shopping on line and in the stores and I saw pink every where.
I keep hearing Millennial pink , Millennial pink ….  However, I think the best selection of pink had to be at Indigo . There are such great pieces that are perfect for anyone that loves pink!!  Or NOT!!
I have never been a pink girl! My daughter insisted on having a pink bedroom when she was younger.  I was not too pleased but did you know a super light pink can be used almost like a neutral. On a previous post I spoke about picking out paint colors and one of the images was of a selection of pinks.  There are so many shades of pink and some can be very soothing.
Well my daughter has her own place now but I think she would appreciate any of these pink gifties.  I pictured my daughter curling up with her journal ready for cuddling time. What would she want?? So, below is a list of what I think would be perfect gifts for her or any one that likes PINK!
This journal is so adorable because it is a soft suede feel and has the cutest little metal bow on it.  It closes softly because of  a magnet and has pages with lines on it so it is easy to write in.

Indigo- pink bow journal

Here is something else that is beyond the best ever!!!  READING SOCKS!! Once you have reading socks you will never live with out a pair.
They are so soft inside that you feel your feet are in a cocoon. When you put the socks on it is like…game over…I am going to sit hear and read and cuddle up with a good book.


Indigo Pink Socks

I thought the pom pom added a little girlishness to them but it is how warm and comfortable they are that is more important.

Indigo Girlie Pen Set

These pens are just down right SASSY. Each one has and attitude statement!

Indigo Pink Throw

Your cuddle time is almost there. You have socks, great pens, journal and now you need a cuddly pink throw. This is baby soft and will keep you toasty!  So what is missing???  You need a special mug that exemplifies what you are feeling that day.


Oh wait!! One more pink thing.  You may want to listen to your favorite soothing music.

INDIGO Pink Happy Plugs

That should cover it!  You may need a fireplace but I couldn’t find one in pink!!!

Collage of Pretty in Pink Gifts







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