DIY Fall Pumpkin Vase

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15 September 2017

DIY Fall Pumpkin Vase

I am always trying to find something special for my dining room table.  Since we have a open concept living room/dining room it is nice to have something of interest on the table at all times. This DIY FALL  PUMPKIN VASE  works out perfectly.  It is not to fancy and could easily work in any room. I would look adorable in the kitchen or outside on a harvest table.   I also enjoyed the process as it is nice to find something easy because I am NOT the BEST Do It Your Selfer.
There are so many pumpkins types, sizes and colors that it is fun to find the one you like.  The kids could even help! So, the first step is finding the right pumpkin.  Probably the colour will be important to you but getting the right size is critical. The one in the picture is around 7 inches wide and 5 inches high.

The next step is figuring out the size of the hole you need.  I used a drinking glass that was 3 3/4″ Diameter so, I knew my opening had to fit the glass.  As you can see my cutting skills are not like Martha Stewart so it is very rough.  But don’t fret as the flowers are going to cover this area and no one will judge your carving skills or lack of!
The third step is cleaning out the cavity.  Again, I was not really fussy.  Plus, this type of pumpkin has very little inners to worry about. I am not big on the slime. ( You can wear rubber gloves if you don’t like the slime.)


The fourth step for this DIY Fall Pumpkin Vase is inserting a glass and putting some water in it for your flowers.
you can see I tried different flowers in it. I tried two different types of flowers as seen in the pictures but pretty Mums would work beautifully.  Plus, the Mums would last a long time.


The pumpkins don’t last for ever so make sure they are placed on a tray or water proof plate.  They will get soggy and can ruin what they are placed on if you don’t catch them  early after they start breaking down.  The total cost was around $10.00 so this DIY Fall Pumpkin Vase is economical as well.
I am hoping that you try this little DIY Vase and send us some pictures so we can share.

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