Top 5 Best Cottage Hostess Gifts

That Will Make Your Host Happy

10 August 2017

Top 5 Best Cottage Hostess Gifts

It is that time of year when friends are nice enough to invite us back to their cottage. But now you know the problem…WHAT  GIFT SHOULD  WE BRING?!  If it is a good friend then of course it is a lot easier but what if you don’t know them well enough or know the hostess’s tastes!!  Then it gets really complicated. This is why I wanted to create a list of Top 5 Best Cottage Hostess Gifts to use as quick reference tool to reduce stress.

So, I asked quite a few friends with cottages what gifts they like receiving and/or giving when they visit another friend’s cottage.  At first I was concerned to hear what they had to say because maybe I have not given great gifts in the past. GULP!! Well I got past my insecurities and asked.

So here is what predominantly came out of all the discussions, The TOP 5 Best Cottage Hostess Gifts

The TOP 5 Best Cottage Hostess Gifts

# 1:  Food, but not just any type of food

  • One meal that is really easy and can be put in the oven but absolutely no fuss, something like lasagna. No work and pre done.
  • Wine, Cheese and/or something for appetizers. Remember crackers!
  • Exceptionally well made desserts, cookies, cakes, pies. You can make these but who has time so go to your best bakery.
  • Good organic food if the cottage is not close to stores that would carry a nice selection.

# 2:  Outdoor Hurricane and Candles

Since I developed at lot of hurricanes during my corporate buying career this is what I would suggest.  Ensure it is for outside, not solely for indoors. The best choice is lanterns that  are closed in, have a door and a little chimney. Check that the door is easy to open to put a candle inside and it is closed in enough so the wind cannot blow out the candle.  A powder coat paint finish is best so it will stand the outside elements longer.

The hurricane style where your drop a candle in from the top are nice but make sure the candle does not reach the lip of the candle holder so it will blow out with even the smallest breeze.

Of course you will need to buy the proper candle that goes inside the hurricane. The bigger the hurricane the larger the candle needs to be. The big candles are the best in this situation because it can burn for a long time. If you need a tealight then it should have a long burning time.

The TOP 5 Best Cottage Hostess Gifts

#3:  Basket with a Theme – You will notice that many of themes are centered around food too.

Tea Theme: with specialty teas, trivets, strainer, and special cookies to drink with tea

BBQ Theme: veggie tray (everyone needs to replace theirs as they get so dirty) super sized oven mitts with long arms, fancy lifter, wire brush for cleaning (they need to be replaced often too)

Coffee Theme:  This might be trickier if you don’t know what type of coffee machine is used.

Camp Fire Theme:  Marshmallows, ingredients for Smores, sticks for food to go on for cooking, hand wipes because someone will get their hands sticky (mostly Mom’s trying to get the marshmallow off the sticks for the kids)

Dinner Theme:  a recipe card and all the ingredients to make the meal (keep it simple and something that does not require time or too difficult) After all you are there to have fun!

Breakfast Theme: since I am Canadian the first thing would be Maple syrup to start. Then bacon and pancake mix. Add fresh berries and frozen hash browns.

Table Top Theme:  tea lights and candles, paper napkins, paper plates, plastic wine glasses, plastic beer glasses, koozies.

Drink Theme: it is easy to make up a Alcohol drink theme but a non Alcohol theme would be great too. Add the liquids and lemons, limes and some plastic glasses.

Your  Own Special Food Favorites Theme: this is product that you think of as your very favorite foods. This could be a big mix of products but you must genuinely love them and have used them in the past.

# 4:  Tea Towels

Yes, tea towels are liked by everyone.  Apparently they get well used and it is not something people will buy for themselves.  A couple of friends suggested that you use a tea towel as the wrapping paper.

There are so many beautiful tea towels but it might be better to get something quite neutral if you don’t know the hosts décor colors.  Also, an all over print or solid color will make your wrapping job easier.

# 5:  Gossip Magazines and Home Decor Magazines

Our lives are so busy and most of us work on the computer, or are on our phones all the time.  It is nostalgic to flip through a magazine with worn pages that are sun bleached and water marked that have been around the cottage for a while. The host and the next set of guests will enjoy the trashy mags you brought.

Extra Tips When Visiting a Cottage 

Some other tips came up that are worth mentioning.  Most people appreciate when their guests bring their own towels.  Lots of cottages don’t have washer and dryers so in that case you may want to bring your sheets too.

If the cottage is on a septic tank then all cleaners or laundry soap should be respectable of that. Check the labels and see if there are dyes, if biodegradable, phosphorus free and are septic friendly.

Another unique gift is an herb planter. It is not easy to run out for fresh herbs when you are on an island!!

Should the hosts have a dog then natural doggie treats would be wonderful.

Probably anything organic would work.  Organic products would work in any of the themes.

One friend said when you are buying a gift to think of consumable products that can be used in a cottage setting.  It is probably best to stay away from home decor products. ( please note we do not think of the hurricane as a home decor piece, more like a basic)

Hope you have great weather and lots of fun at the cottage!!!

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