30 Things To Consider Before Buying A Refrigerator

21 July 2017

30 Things To Consider Before Buying A Refrigerator

30 Things to Consider Before Buying a Refrigerator is Ridiculous!

Can you remember the last time you bought a refrigerator and how hard it was to sort out. There are so many things to consider!
I don’t remember thinking about all of these points when I purchased my last refrigerator but perhaps I did mentally. Not all points are critical to everyone but some are key to making sure you purchase a fridge that you will be happy with and with the buying experience.

I broke down some of the things to consider in a couple of parts,  first FEATURES  and then EXPECTATIONS of the buying experience. Let’s hope this list helps your buying decision  go a little easier.


1. what size do we need
2. does a freezer need to be part of it
3. do we want drawers or more open space
4. does the freezer take up too much space
5. does the ice maker take up too much room in the cavity
6. does it have the  * energy star seal
7. does my favourite brand make the best refrigerators ( read more in this on my post for Top 5 Tips buying a refrigerator)
8. does the handle match or co-ordinate with my other appliances
10. what finish do you need ( everyone is buying stainless steel for resale value)
11. what brands do my friends have and do they like their refrigerator
12. should it have a panel for wood sliders so it matches my cupboards
14. configuration of inside cavity  allows flexibility  (need different features when entertaining)
15.how easy is it to clean
16. is the lighting good and you can see what is in the back of the fridge
17. do we need water and ice dispenser?
18. what are the new features that we really want or need
19. Side by side or  bottom mount or  top mount or only fridge and no freezer
20. will the fridge roll out easily for cleaning behind it  ( I hate that job in fear of scratching the floor)
21.how much are water filters replacements and where do I buy them


  1. how fast can the retailer deliver and is delivery free
  2. what payment terms are they offering
  3. what cards do they accept ( I will use the card I get the most points on)
  4. what is the return policy
  5. is there an extended warranty offer?
  6. should I buy from the store or the e-commerce site
  7. does the Retailer price match and for how many days after the purchase
  8. is there a time when the sales are better than other times of the year
  9. who will service it if the it breaks down


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