5 Tips To Make Gatherings/Entertaining More Fun!

09 July 2017

5 Tips To Make Gatherings/Entertaining More Fun!


I prefer to use Gathering instead of Entertaining as most of us  truly don’t entertain any more.  Our lives are just too busy and we prefer to be less formal. OK  I will admit I do occasionally “entertain” as some habits are hard to break.

My daughters and my friends will tell you that I don’t know how to keep things simple but I am getting better.  However, I when I do follow the  5 TIPS TO MAKE GATHERINGS/ENTERTAINING FUN it makes a difference on my enjoyment and stress level.  When I follow these 5 Tips I no longer fall a sleep before my company leaves .

TIP #1. If someone asks what they can bring ….don’t be shy.
Some of my friends like making certain types of food so they might like to help out that way. Maybe your friends are too busy to make something but they might live by a great specialty store that makes great food.

TIP #2. Make up your menu and shopping list as far ahead as possible.
This is a great time to use click and collect or a delivery service like Grocery Gateway.  You can gather food and drinks during the week if you happen to be going by a grocery store on your way home. My husband and I use an app  Our Groceries.  If he is in a store he can purchase what is on the list, remove it off the list so I won’t end up buying it too. ( you may have to be more descriptive for others to use this tool properly.  for example I can’t just list apples, I would have to be more specific and say RED apples or I might get green apples.

TIP #3.Don’t try to clean your house, shop for groceries, and cook on the same day.
Trying to do much on the day of is crazy. Not everyone can afford a cleaning lady so if that is not possible then the best thing is to shut the bedroom doors ( one less room that no one might go into anyway) or clean the day before. I think the cleaning gets very over rated. Your friends and family are not there to inspect how clean your home is.  However, they will remember how tired you were and didn’t look great
TIP #4.Set your table or get the serving dishes out and put stickers on them so you know what goes in what dishes prior to your guests arriving.
I love doing this so I am not running around trying to find serving dishes the last moment. Plus, if you have people trying to help they can easily figure out how to help. If you have flowers for the table or house get them a couple of days early so you can arrange them and enjoy the process.  This is the area that can make gatherings seem more fun if you like being creative.

TIP #5. Always pretend guests are coming one hour earlier.
Why? Do this for you! So you can go and get yourself looking presentable and give yourself time to be calm. Maybe a sip of your signature drink will take the edge off.

Let us know if you have some rules that you follow that make your Gatherings less stressful and fun!


5 TIPS TO MAKE GATHERINGS/ENTERTAINING FUN! Try them and I am sure you will enjoy having friends and family over more often!  Let me know if the tips worked!

There is a post on 5 Reasons you need a Quick and Easy Signature drink which is also helpful when entertaining.


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