Share One Thing You Learned That Can Make You Happier

07 July 2017

Share One Thing You Learned That Can Make You Happier


This section is for women sharing how their path has brought them to where they are today. I am always inspired to hear other women’s stories. How they have overcome challenges and how at different stages in their life they were generally happy. What brings them happiness? If each women shared at least one thing that they feel is important to them then it might help other women move forward in a positive manner.

Here is my one  thing I finally embraced in my fifties.  Yes, it took me that long to sort it out. You could say that I have never taken the time to even think about me because I was always too busy. Plus, when I worked  in the corporate world there was always  focus on knowing you areas of weakness or challenges. I think those are important so you can work on being a better person but should not be your main focus.

So here is my one thing…….  Focus on your strengths and do something that is in that wheel house.

If you can do that then you will be much happier. This may mean having a job that has some elements of what your strengths are or being at home and do something you know you are good at.  I love working on strategy but my clients generally need more than that but if there is an element of strategy in the project it makes me quite happy. If you can find something each day to work on that is in your area of strength then you will feel happier.

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